The American Israeli War Machine
Posted: 29 August 2006 10:14 AM   [ Ignore ]
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First off: I am not trying to insult american troops.  Second: I support our troops, but not our president.

I was reading one of sntjohnny post today and it reminded me of when I found out that Israel has invaded neighboring country Lebanon. I personally agree with the people who protested in New York City to end the war in Iraq and in Lebanon.  I am outraged that our tax dollars go for war supplies in Israel.  Because of recent events and my recent study up of Modern Middle East history it has became my oppinion that 9/11 was a strike back at the US for military dealings in the past.  Some christians wonder why so many muslums willingly strap bombs to theirselves and go blow themselves up in a crowd. Why?  Israeli and American armies so much more powerful that conventional war tactics are suicidal and have little or no gain in them. So these people do what is nessasary to protect their homes.


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