New member welcomes CFI ad campaign
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Salutations. I’m a new member, based in Richmond, B.C. I’ve been meaning to become a member here for some time, and this story prompted me to finally sign up.
I hope to see those ads on the buses here in the Lower Mainland.
Meanwhile, check out Richard Dawkins’ touching tribute to Christopher Hitchens here:

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Welcome.  Glad to have you here.  Please feel free to join the conversations.


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LOL, me too!

it was an article about that AD campaign in one of my local papers ( Eye Weekly or…...NOW maybe?) that prompted me to check this site out.

I saw the previous ad campaign they did - bus banners that said “THERE’S PROBABLY NO GOD. NOW STOP WORRYING AND ENJOY YOUR LIFE.”

It was refreshing to see someone had done something to connect the “rest of us” who don’t identify with any religion.

It was also a nice counter move to those ridiculous Bus Stop Bible posters…....

the best ones were “Does god care if im gay?” “Is god prochoice?” “Is rejecting god a sin?”


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Welcome aboard.  Join the fun.  We argue a lot. LOL


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Yeah, but we’re nice about it, and we almost always use reason.  LOL

Welcome, Nelson.  We have a number of Canadians here, so between your views on theism and your geography you should feel right at home here.  I’m looking forward to your posts.  smile



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Welcome,,,, the sad thing is Missmac,,,, that even ‘speculateing’ about gad is a sin…

How about that ad in Selma,,, or the Shirley Highway,,, why B.C.?

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