war as consequence of religion?
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it’s somewhat strange to say that religion responsible :shock: for the conflicts of the world.  of course, i’ll admit that there are plenty of radical clerics and politicians which uses rhethoric suggesting that that certain groups of people needs to be exterminated due to religious differences.  but if we look at actual history, the claim becomes rather dubious.  For instance, if we look at relation between religious groups, like the relation between jews and muslims, or between jews and catholics, we can see that religious texts are generally interpreted to suit politics. 

although everyone says their religion is absolute, the actual belief does change.  for example. the catholic church used to be anti-semite back when jew bashing was considered an fashionable hobby among intellectuals.  and the muslims were relatively tolerant toward the jews. 

but with oil in the middle east, and suez canal, and all the other strategic interests, the role suddenly changed.  EU, NA christians became much more sympathetic toward the jews just as isreal becomes a military superpower.  and the western christians are less tolerant toward the muslim just as muslim immigrants invade the EU backyard. 

the muslims, on the other hand,  suddenly turned more agressive toward the jews just right when isreal become something of a western stronghold in mideast.  and as the west strives to influence politics in the middle east, the muslims becomes much more resentful toward the christians, (which according to the koran, believe in the same god as muslim) and actually gained an affinity toward the soviet athiests before the USSR collapsed…  (which is officially anti-religion)

and the catholic church just so happen to change their views on jews right after the defeat of nazi germany…  surprise surprise.  And in ireland, the tension between protestants and catholics just so happen to correpsond to the fact that the brits controls northern ireland.

and the taliban/al qaeda muslims, who used to beat up people for having pictures because that consistutes idolatary are now putting zawahiri’s face right on the TV screen.  and they even have a freaking media company as sahab.  whatever happened to non-idolatary? it goes right out the door when they discovered that putting out faces of martyrs and leaders are good for business.

i think my point is, yeah there are always tension among religions in the rhetorics, but those tension just coincide way too much with non-religious issues for us to say that religious belief is responsible for conflicts and things of the sort.  religion is a tool in politics, or sometimes religion is politics.  but it’s just a function, not the source of trouble.  If we abolish all reigion, and magically make everyone forget about religions altogether, there’s not going to be peace on earth.  people are still going to fight wars and kill each other for oil, for money, and for strategically important locations.  and politicians will still find ways to blame certain groups of people so that the people will overlook the fact that their leader sucks.

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Brother, I myself too was also convinced that religion has its consequences in a sort of “war” but it’s also true that without religion things doesn’t change it always at its worst like we had observed nowadays…