Charles M. Blow NYT COlumn 1/8/11 on atheists, agnostics, and ‘unaffiliated’
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Well - he is really making the point that “unaffiliated” is under-represented in Congress.

The column includes comment on the personal religious beliefs of Blow and his eldest son

Years ago, my oldest son told me that he thought those in our small Baptist church had all been brainwashed. How else could they believe in the unbelievable? At the time, I was shocked.

I think the column is mainly notable for another step for the ‘zeitgeist’ Richard Dawkins referred to,  with a public columnist in effect saying that it’s okay to be an unbeliever.

First, let me get this out of the way: I don’t for a second believe that all those members are religious. I believe some are trapped in the religious closet of American politics where nonbelief is a nonstarter. It’s not only seen as unholy, it’s also seen as un-American.

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Thanks for posting, Jackson. I noticed the column this morning as well.



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I know Obama is outspoken about his “Christian faith” but I can’t help but wonder how much of that is to project the “correct” image since his parents were atheists and he was taken to the Unitarian church (in those days a hotbed of atheists, LOL ) in Honolulu when he was a child.

If he really converted, I’d have to question his mental competence to run the country.



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