Religious-right antichoice demonstrations/teach-ins coming to Florida in February
Posted: 20 January 2011 10:15 AM   [ Ignore ]
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I’m signed up for dozens of religious-nutjob e-mail alerts per day, since I like keeping an eye on antichoice trends as I help manage escorts for a local abortion clinic. Operation Rescue’s Randall Terry, for instance, is featured at this coming Monday’s “March for Life” ( in D.C., and he’s making noises about becoming a presidential candidate so he can’t be refused placement of gory ads during the Super Bowl. I remember seeing him in front of a clinic during the Democratic National Convention in NYC as he waved a Tupperware container that he said contained a fetus. There was no way to check, of course. It could’ve been his lunch.
From those kinds of Internet alerts, I learned that in February, the “Center for Bio-Ethical Reform” ( will be holding prayerful and shock-photo-filled antiabortion protests and training sessions (“Pro-Life Institute,” at Florida university campuses, including Florida State University and University of West Florida on Feb. 12-13,  Ave Maria University on Feb. 18, and Florida Atlantic and Florida International University on Feb. 19-20.

I’ve written several local and state Florida freethought groups about this, hoping that there might be a chance of at least one rationalist counterdemo. The Humanists of Florida Association has shown some interest, and tells me that that there’s even a secular group at Florida State.

There’s none, of course, at Ave Maria U., which was founded in 2003 by Domino’s Pizza founder Tom Monaghan as part of a strictly Catholic planned community.