bounces and Existence
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I hope it won’t be too long before scientists can verify one of the bounce and bud theories as the theory of the eternal universe. I wish someone would fill us in on those theories . Evenso, theists will aver that a Great Sustainer is still needed .                                                                    From Quentin Smith’s book on religion and ethics , I have developed this argument: Existence is the First Cause , Ultimate Explanation, Greates and Necessary Entity and through natural selection the Grand Arranger of life forms. It would be to commit the fallacy of compositon to argue why Existence exists that one can ask of its parts. Existence is just its parts, not separate from them.So, how could one think it could not exist. To do so would be a circular argument , for it would require a god to bring it into existence . Thus the cosmological ,ontological and teleological arguments fail at one brush. Are Smith and I right? Can one add to this argument?


Fr. Griggs rests in his Socratic ignorance and humble naturalism.He might be wrong!His cognitive defects might impact his posting. Logic is the bane of theists.‘Religion is mythinformation.“Reason saves, not that fanatic Galilean!
  ’ Life is its own validation and reward and ultimate purpose.”