CFI-Harlem Monthly & Day of Solidarity for Black Non-Believers

Recurring Event
Recurs this relative day of the month on Sundays at 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm
Broadway Housing Communities Building @ 583 Riverside Dr. (btw 135th & 136th)
It's only once a year! NYC's part of a National effort... So we're making this a special day. ALL are welcome.
The numbers of African American and other People of Color in secularism and non-belief is growing. To celebrate the future and history of black freethought, CFI-Harlem/Harlem Humanists, American Atheists, Black Atheists of America & African Americans for Humanism are supporting the NYC 2012 Day of Solidarity for Black Non-belivers. We'll review past success and look to future progress. There are many great resources to takeaway from this.

The event will start at 1pm on Sunday, February 26th @ -
Rio II Art Gallery Building*
583 Riverside Dr. Between (135th St. & 136th St.)
Downstairs - *The 'Brick Room'
Harlem, USA 10031
(ask at the security desk on Riverside at entrance)

Our focus for this meeting is building fellowship. So our discussion will be less fine-tuned and more free flowing than usual. But there's a bonus...and it's not just the snack food and beverages. We'll be joined by some of the new voices of leadership in the national secular community. 

Those making change happen will share how insight and action challenge the irrational status quo. They'll share some real concerns and the creative options to make a difference. For example:

Ayanna Watson of Black Atheists of America will share her goals on science education and moving one of the largest on-line communities in this movement to making a rational difference in the 'real world'. She'll also share how internal and external ignorance and bigotry toward black non-believers may be addressed. She's got very concrete objectives on events and community service in the pipeline. 

A.J. Johnson of American Atheists will share her perspective on how the economics of belief has a direct impact on the viability of black people in the market place. She'll not only consider the impact on financial security and progress for an at risk community; she'll also talk about the effect of this in the marketplace of ideas. She has experience on how this relates to public policy from LGBTQ concerns to foundational issues of effective governance.

These and other ideas, including details on the upcoming Reason Rally in D.C. and the Women in Secularism event, will be a part of the food for thought. Then we move on afterward to Dinner, drinks, etc. It's our unique Mind Food + "Soul Food" combo.

It's a day to celebrate the presence and long persistence of blacks in the quest for freedom of conscience, free inquiry, reason, rationality, the scientific method and the use of creative human effort to build a better world. This may be one of the few times we'll see many of us from varied organizations and parts of the tri-state gathered in one space. Those secularist, naturalist, agnostic, non-superstitious, non-theist, or just curious and doubting, etc., please join us. It's fun. It's free. 

You can check in at FacebookMeetUp (CFI-NYC or Richies List). Just bring your reason, your doubts and your creativity. You'll leave with resources, new info and new connections.

Info at -,  or call 646-820-CFIH (2344)


Public Transport - Use Subway #1 train to 137th St. & City College. Exit station at 137th & Broadway. It's 2 min. walk west to 136th Street. Then turning left on Riverside Drive. Under 3 blocks or so, there you are. 


Sunday, February 26th, 2012 pm 1pm - 4 pm...Mind Food w/ Soul Food to follow - Restaurant TBD
(Always, Jan. to Oct. on the last Sunday of the Month)


You can stretch your mind.
You can grow your relationships.
You can share your thoughts...we want to know what you think.


A working brain.
A willingness to 
 (Your own, on topic, items)
A sense of humor.
A patience for exploration.

EVERYONE looking for respectful, reasoned, and open dialog is welcome. You're all over that right? So, You... are Welcome!