February 2010 at Hyderabad

February 17, 2010

Caste and Religion should not be made hereditary. Parents are dubbing their children with their superstitions and blind beliefs as soon as they are born. Children are treated as though they are property of parents. Hence the religious prejudices and caste evil is being perpetuated, opined Dr N.Innaiah, chairman, Center for Inquiry India, adviser Indian Radical Humanist Association.

Innaiah speaking at Jana Vignana Vedika

Dr Ramachandraiah presided over the conference that was held on 7 February 2010 at Hyderabad. Speaking on this occasion Dr N.Innaiah further said that children should be left free in choosing religion or caste or reject the same when they become mature at the age of 18. Just as they are not allowed to vote and also not allowed to marry until they obtain the age of 18, similarly children should have freedom to choose or reject caste and religion.Mr sukhadev, Secretary read out the annual report.Mr T V Rao challenged the astrologers to come out with accurate prediction regarding the formation of Telengana in Andhra Pradesh.Later question answer session followed. Dr N.Innaiah distributed prizes to the winners in Science talent test to students and teachers from various schools.

Innaiah distributing prizes to students who won science talent test