Humanist Family Meet

August 14, 2009

Center for Inquiry India, Manava Vikas Vedika (a sister NGO organization) came together and agreed to meet monthly once in a humanist house. The idea is to get together with gents, ladies, kids and spend happily, participate in multifarious activities, exhibit talent, and have lunch together. Hitherto in the humanist gatherings only gents are seen and occasionally one or two ladies participate. That shows how the ladies are alienated and children are ignored.

The first humanist family meet was held in the last week of June at the residence of Mr. Yadgiri and Lata in Sanat nagar, Hyderabad. 18 families participated. There are no boring speeches and discussions. There was self introduction. Children are enthused to sing, dance, tell jokes and stories. They came forward to show their capacities at various levels. Mr. Vikram, a rationalist magician briefly explained the magic item followed by Dr. N. Innaiah`s brief advise how to proceed in future programs.

There was buffet lunch and pictures are taken. Each month one member has to arrange meeting at their residence. That way families will come closer and know each other. New members are always welcome.

The first get together meeting was quite success with the initiative of Mr. B. Sambasivarao, editor of Swetcha Lochana, monthly magazine. Mr. K.V.R. Reddi, Mr. Sharif Gora, Mr. Hanumantharao and others participated. Dr. N.Innaiah exhibited magnets with three children to demonstrate that the magnets will not attract blood in the body, since it is in chemical form. Hence the magnet therapy rocket which is rampant in the market should not be believed. Mr. Vikram further explained the implications of the magnet therapy.

The second family meeting was held in Bhongir, near Hyderabad on 19 th July 2009 in the residence of Mr. Vishnu Chari. The participants were enthused with magic demonstration. On the terrace, astronomical demonstration was conducted by Dr. N. Innaiah to show how planets move in the solar system.

The third meeting is planned at the residence of Mr. B. Sambasiva Rao on 16 th August, 2009 at J.P. Nagar, Miyapoor, Hyderabad.