Veteran Humanist, Ravipudi Venkatadri, Honored

Mr. Ravipudi Venkatadri, Veteran Humanist and Rationalist, was felicitated on his 88th Birthday. Centre for Inquiry India and the Humanist and Rationalist Association joined to greet him honor on his great happy occasion.  A two-day function was held in Inkole, Prakasam Dist. Andhra Pradesh, India, where Radical Humanist Centre is functioning since two decades.

Mr. Venkatadri releasing Mr. Bhimmanna's book on rational stories

On this Occasion messages were sent to greet Mr. Venkatadri from Paul Kurtz, founder Chairman of International Centre for Inquiry; Mr. Aramalla Purna Chandra, Humanist from Newyork; Ms. Rekha Saraswath, Managing Editor, Radical Humanist Monthly from Meerut, U.P.,  India; Mr. K. Veeramani, Leader of Dravida Khazam , Chennai, India; Mr. Kiran Nanavathi, Rationist from Gujarath, India; West Bengal Humanist Association.

Dr. Innaiah speaking about Venkatadri on his 88th birthday

Two Books of Mr. Venkatradri for released on this Occasion. One is Entitled; Cosmology ( Philosophy of Nature in Telugu) is released by Dr. Vijayakumar Leader from Janavijna Vedika, A NGO Association; Another book entitled; What is Life ( The Science of Cells, Origin of Life ) by Dr. N. Innaiah, Chairman, Centre for Inquiry India.

Mr. Meduri Satyanarayana, V. Ranganayakulu, Sheik Babu, P. Subba Raju, Kari Haribabu, Chunchu Seshaiah, Narla Venkata Subbaiah, S. Raghava Rao, Goratla Raghavaiah, Bheemanna, Kurra Hanumantha Rao, Ancha Bapa Rao, Vatsa Vai Narayana Raju, Tumma Bhaskar prominent leaders of rationalist, humanist movements spoke on this Occasion covering various aspects of Mr Venkatadri.

Dr. Vijaya Kumar, R. Venkatadri, Mr. M. Satyanarayan, N. Innaiah

A documentary CD was exhibited depicting the life and achievements of Mr Ravipudi Venkatadri.

Everybody appreciated the message of Prof. Paul Kurtz,  which reads thus.

Message from Paul Kurtz on  the 88th birthday of Mr. Ravipudi Venkatadri:

"May I express my very best wishes and profound appreciation to Mr. Ravipudi Venkatadri on the occasion of his 88th birthday. His reputation is known far and wide. His writings have had a great influence in defense of the scientific outlook and in his commitment to rationalism and the methods of science. The world today is interdependent in every way. The role of India in the Planetary civilization that is emerging is vital for the future of humankind, its peace and prosperity.

I have a deep affection for the Indian people and I am especially concerned about the continuing growth of the population and the dangers to the ecology that this will pose in the future. On my recent visit to India, I was disturbed that not enough attention is being given to this mounting crisis. This will become all the more urgent as India continues to develop.

Mr. Ravipudi Venkatadri has been on the cutting edge of new ideas. A forthright critic of superstition throughout his career, he has been a fearless advocate of secularism and humanism and he has pointed out the critical need for scientific education for the young people of India. May I congratulate him upon the publication of two books, What is Life and Cosmology .

May I also send my greetings to the many colleagues, friends, and relatives who are celebrating his birthday. How wonderful that we can reach out and embrace each other in the heroic efforts that we share in creating a more humane and caring world."

Paul Kurtz
Professor Emeritus of Philosophy
On behalf of the entire Center for Inquiry Mov

Celebrating Darwin's Birthday

CFI India celebrated the birthday of Charles Darwin by publishing special articles in Andhra Jyothi, Telugu daily ( Sunday 8 Feb 2009) and Swetchalochana, telugu monthly published by Manava Vikasa Kendra, a NGO organization. These articles are contributed by Dr N. Innaiah, chairman, CFI India.