Commision for Scientific Medicine and Mental Health

Thursday, September 17th 2009 at 6:30 pm

Scientific Examination of Medicine and Mental Health —Thursday, September 17, 6:30 pm, Center for Inquiry Indiana, 350 Canal Walk, Suite A, Indianapolis.    Topic:   Vestigial Organs   Craig Gosling is the coordinator of this group.

Are vestigial organs evidence of evolution or evidence of Unintelligent Design?   You be the judge.

Scientific definition - An organ or structure is vestigial if it has diminished in size or usefulness in the course of evolution. Vestigial structures are evidence of evolutionary descent and therefore are evidence against the theory of Creation Science.

Creation Science definition - Vestigial organs do not exist and never have. If they did, the great intelligent designer really screwed up or his spokespersons on earth have been deceiving the masses.

Come hear the evidence! Creationist/Intelligent Designer viewpoint vs. Eighth grade biology. Listen to the evidence and decide for yourself.


     Why do whales have hipbones? Could it be they are descended from land dwelling animals?
     Why do humans have ear muscles that are not functional? Could it be that ear muscles were once used by our forbearers?
     Why do humans have wisdom teeth? Could it be that they once were needed to grind up cellulose to aid in digestion?
     Why do snakes have remnants of legs? Could it be that ancestors of snakes once walked on four legs?
     Why do platypuses have embryonic teeth that are absorbed before birth? Could it be that the ancestors of the duckbills once had functional teeth?
     Why do humans have an appendix? Could it be that the appendix once was a functional digestive sac as is found in other animals?
     Are male nipples vestigial? If man is made in God's image, does God have nipples, vestigial ear muscles, an appendix, and coccyx bones? How do Creationists answer these questions? 

Come hear the facts and join in on a discussion afterwards. It should be educational and entertaining.