Genethics: Clones, Chimeras, Stem Cells, and Enhancement

Sunday, March 17th 2013 at 5:59 pm

Genethics: Clones, Chimeras, Stem Cells, and Enhancement-Sunday, March 17, 6:00 pm, Center for Inquiry-Indiana, 350 Canal Walk, Suite A, Indianapolis.

Speaker: Dr. Jason T. Eberl, Ph.D.
Recent and emerging developments in biotechnology involving the manipulation of the human genome raise novel ethical and metaphysical
questions, while also reviving the spectre of ancient views and prejudices.
This presentation will canvass the various philosophical questions and concerns that arise in the context of the following issues: reproductive cloning, the creation of animal-human chimeras, the derivation and use of human embryonic stem cells, and the enhancement of human beings through genetic engineering.
Jason T. Eberl, Ph.D. is Associate Professor of Philosophy in the IU School of Liberal Arts at IUPUI and an affiliate faculty member of the IU Center for Bioethics and the IUPUI Medical Humanities and Health Studies Program. His research interests include the philosophy of human nature and its application to issues at the margins of life, and the philosophical thought of Thomas Aquinas. He is the author of Thomistic Principles and Bioethics (Routledge 2006), and has published articles in The National Catholic Bioethics Quarterly, Review of Metaphysics, International
Philosophical Quarterly,The Modern Schoolman, Journal of Medicine and Philosophy, The Linacre Quarterly, American Journal of Bioethics, and Bioethics.