“Buddhist Statues an Insult to Islam,”  Say Taliban Leaders

Ghorband Valley: Afghanistan’s Taliban rulers are threatening to destroy two 2,000 year old Buddhist statues they regard as an insult to Islam. The statues are in Bamyan province in central Afghanistan, an area controlled by Afghanistan’s minority Shi’ite Muslims, led by Karim Khalili.

"We will not negotiate with Khalili," said the Taliban’s top front-line commander, Mullah ‘Abd al-Wahid. ‘Abd al-Wahid also warned Shi’ite Muslims that they would have to accept the laws and traditions followed by their Sunni rivals. As for the Buddhist statues, they "are not Islamic and we will have to destroy them," ‘Abd al-Wahid told the Associated Press in an interview Wednesday in his bunker.

Reported by Ibn Warraq