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CFI Communities are groups of rationalists, skeptics, and humanists which sponsor local events, activism, lectures and educational programs. The Communities draw upon volunteers and Center for Inquiry members and supporters who are enthusiastic about our agenda and wish to take part in our movement.

The CFI Japan offers an opportunity to put your principles into practice by joining other rationalists to work for positive change in society. In addition, the CFI Japan sponsors social events for freethinkers as well as intellectual programming, and assists with campus outreach.

CFI Communities provide an ethical alternative to religious and paranormal worldviews. In this time of rising religiosity, anti-intellectualism and political turmoil on ethical issues, it is critical that rationalists and freethinkers join together to protect civil liberties, defend reason, and work toward increasing scientific literacy.

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Reiki: The Inefficacy of Alternative Therapeutic Touch

It is a truism that two common reactions from individuals faced with exotic and unknown propositions are abject fear and irrational acceptance. Interestingly, both responses appear not only to be oppositional but also omnipresent in at least a couple of rather unfortunate belief systems; cases of xenophobic classification as well as instances of blind faith in alternative or unproven medical techniques.… Full Entry »