Roland Boer

Roland Boer Roland Boer previously taught at the University of Sydney, McGill University, the University of New England, the United Theological College, Sydney and the University of Western Sydney. He is the author of the following books: Marxist Criticism of the Bible (2003), Last Stop Before Antarctica: The Bible and Postcolonialism in Australia (2001), Knockin' on Heaven's Door: The Bible and Popular Culture (1999), Novel Histories: The Fiction of Biblical Criticism (1997) and Jameson and Jeroboam (1996).

He also edited or co-edited Redirected Travel: Alternative Journeys and Places in Biblical Studies (2003), Tracking 'The Tribes of Yahweh': On the Trail of a Classic (2002), A Vanishing Mediator? The Absence/Presence of the Bible in Postcolonialism (2001) and The Labour of Reading: Desire, Alienation and Biblical Interpretation (1999).

He is founding and managing editor of the international journal, The Bible and Critical Theory and a member of the Editorial Board of Semeia Studies.

His website can be found here .