The Trouble with Christmas

Sunday, November 6th 2016 at 11:00 am
Sunday, November 6th 2016 at 12:30 pm

Tom Flynn has been recounting the history of the year-end holidays - and offering his rollicking rationale for why secular humanists should just sit the merriment out - since his book The Trouble with Christmas came out in 1993. His presentation is now fully illustrated in a lavish PowerPoint presentation containing more than 310 slides. (Fear not, as the angel never really said; some of those slides go by really, really fast.)

Tom Flynn

In "The Trouble with Christmas," Flynn will examine where our most treasured holiday traditions came from - from the Christ Child to Santa Claus, from the wassail bowl to the tannenbaum - and ask whether there's still time to send them back. It's an information-filled, thought-provoking, yet wildly funny audio-visual extravaganza. Missing this presentation would be like getting a lump of coal in your stocking!

Flynn is Executive Director of the Council for Secular Humanism, Editor of Free Inquiry magazine, and director of the Robert Green Ingersoll Birthplace Museum and the Freethought Trail. He co-founded and was for 13 years co-editor of the newsletter Secular Humanist Bulletin. After writing The Trouble with Christmas in 1993, Flynn made hundreds of radio and TV appearances in his role as the curmudgeonly "anti-Claus." A leading authority on the Santa myth, he appeared in A&E Network's Biography segment on Santa, which has aired hundreds of times. His other books include the science-fiction satire novels Galactic Rapture and Nothing Sacred, and the reference work The New Encyclopedia of Unbelief, which he edited. Most recently he served as executive producer on an on-screen presenter in the Council for Secular Humanism's four-part video miniseries American Freethought.


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