Trivia-ing Skeptically! on Thursdays

Recurring Event
Recurs weekly on Thursdays at 7:00 pm -
Moore's Delicatessen - 271 East Orange Grove Avenue, Burbank, CA

This is team trivia, so you compete alongside (rather than against) the other skeptics who show up. Teams can be any size, so bring your smarty-pants friends. If you show up and there aren't any other skeptics there, you've got a couple of choices. First, you could play on your own. It's not unusual for a solo "team" to beat everyone else in the house. But this is a social occasion, so your other choice is to talk to Jim, your skeptical host (he's the one wearing the question mark t-shirt). He knows what teams are naughty and nice and he'll find you a friendly team to play with. Just show up. You don't need to know anything in advance. There's no preparation required.

On Thursdays, Jim hosts trivia at:

Moore's Delicatessen
271 E. Orange Grove Ave., Burbank, CA 91502
(818) 478-1251

This venue is a well-lit gastro-pub/deli. It's across the street from Cartoon Network, so all the CN guys go there for lunch. They painted the walls white and gave everyone magic markers, so the walls are covered in animation art.

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