“Brother Sam Singleton” brings his atheist evangelist message to CFI-L.A.

March 6, 2014

In his 1st Southern California performance of his 5th one-man show, writer-actor Roger Scott Jackson performed his satirical theater-piece as the comedic character “Brother Sam” to an audience of more than 65 at the twice-monthly “Feed Your Brain” lecture series on Sun., March 2, in the Steve Allen Theater. Asking the attendees to yell out “God damns!” during his rousing preacher bits and having collection baskets passed around that collected money, a newspaper, condoms and Chapstick, “Brother Sam” brought out the chuckles with his show, “Cats, Sheep, and Goats: The Taxonomy of Atheists, Believers and Preachers.” Overseeing the madness and introducing “Brother Sam” was CFI-L.A. Executive Director Jim Underdown.

Roger Scott Jackson