Eddie Tabash gives talks in L.A. and Costa Mesa; Jim Underdown in Wichita, KS

October 21, 2014

About 100 people attended Chair Eddie Tabash’s lectures at the Center in L.A. and at Costa Mesa on Sunday as he updated the progress of the Religious Right and how it’s stronger than ever before. In rousing talks about the need to increase efforts to combat its recent successes in the Greece and Hobby Lobby cases in the U.S. Supreme Court, Eddie added that the Religious Right has lost some ground in same-sex marriage and abortion decisions. However, he warned, we all need to be be vigilant knowing that just one change in a justice of the Supreme Court could reverse the social justice progress of the past decades. Chief Operating Officer Bob Ladendorf introduced Eddie at both locations in substituting for Executive Director Jim Underdown. Videographer Carl Wong taped the talk at the Center and will upload it Youtube. A link to Eddie’s talk will be added soon to the CFI-L.A. Web site.

Eddie Tabash in Costa Mesa 

CFI-Executive Director Jim Underdown spoke at the Skeptics of Oz conference in Wichita, KS on Saturday, October 18th. His talk to about 100 people in attendance on the campus of Wichita State University was entitled, “What do you get for $1000?” and is based on his current article in Skeptical Inquirer magazine, “Dr. Phil and the Hummingbird.”