Masson critical of human treatment of animals at CFI-L.A.’s “Feed Your Brain” lecture

March 24, 2014

Jeffrey Masson, author of several books on animals and former director of the Freud Archives, hypothesized and presented evidence that the origin of good and evil can be attributed to the beginnings of agriculture and animal domestication at talks about his new book last Sunday to 125 attendees in L.A. and 42 in Costa Mesa. He pointed out that most predators, except humans, rarely kill their own species and that only about 250 humans are killed yearly by other animals, while, for instance, humans kill 100 million sharks yearly for soup.

Masson’s just released book is Beasts: What Animals Can Teach Us about the Origins of Good and Evil, and attendees bought 20 of them. Introducing Masson at both locations was CFI-L.A. Executive Director Jim Underdown. Masson also was interviewed the next day, when the earthquake hit Los Angeles, at KPCC for NPR.

Jeffrey Masson at CFI-L.A.