What is CFI Long Island?

CFI branches are groups of rationalists, skeptics, and humanists which sponsor local events, activism, lectures and educational programs. These communities draw upon volunteers and Center for Inquiry members and supporters who are enthusiastic about our agenda and wish to take part in our movement.

The CFI Long Island offers an opportunity to put your principles into practice by joining other rationalists to work for positive change in society. In addition, the Long Island Community sponsors social events for freethinkers as well as intellectual programming, and assists with campus outreach.

CFI provides an ethical alternative to religious and paranormal worldviews. In this time of rising religiosity, anti-intellectualism and political turmoil on ethical issues, it is critical that rationalists and freethinkers join together to protect civil liberties, defend reason, and work toward increasing scientific literacy.

Who are we? What do we do?

The purpose of the Center for Inquiry is to promote and defend reason, science, and freedom of inquiry in all areas of human endeavor.

The Center for Inquiry is a transnational nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization that encourages evidence-based inquiry into science, pseudo-science, medicine and health, religion, ethics, morality, secularism, and society.

Through education, research, publishing, and social services, it seeks to present affirmative alternatives based on scientific naturalism.  The Center is also interested in providing rational ethical alternatives to the reigning paranormal and religious systems of belief, and in developing communities where like-minded individuals can meet and share experiences.

On Long Island, the Center for Inquiry has fostered a large community where supporters of our mission can meet, network and collectively make their presence felt by the media, elected officials and general public.  As you can see below in our listing of upcoming Events, and our Community News and Past Events archives, we sponsor public forums and social events as well as represent the Community of Reason in print and electronic media to growing effect.

For those of you who have an inquiring nature; or who feel uncomfortable with the idea of the supernatural; or who question moral systems that do not seem to take into account the consequences on human wellbeing of their dogmatic beliefs, you are invited to investigate the links below.

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