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For decades, the National Day of Prayer has been observed—unconstitutionally—by officials at all levels of government, most notably proclaimed by every president since Truman. When elected leaders conduct religious ceremonies and events, they endorse and favor a particular religious belief, using taxpayers’ money while doing so. When they call upon all Americans to join them in this particularly sectarian exercise, they defy our Constitution.

In response, the National Day of Reason was established in 2003 to coincide with the National Day of Prayer, observed annually on the first Thursday of May. This was not done merely to express opposition but also to give an alternative view, a positive vision for tackling the country’s problems: reason over faith and good works over wishful thinking.

The crises and challenges facing our nation can seem staggering at times, and it’s only natural that Americans would want to turn to a higher power for solutions. But we know that human beings have it within themselves to make their world a better place, by applying the tools of science and reason, by living the values of compassion and charity, by taking action in this world rather than asking for favors from the next.

Official observance of the National Day of Prayer is a violation of our basic constitutional principles, essentially classifying the nonreligious as “less American” than those who subscribe to a specific faith. But even worse, by insisting that we must submit to a deity to solve our problems, it robs Americans of our ability to find our own strength and take responsibility for our country and our fellow citizens.

On the National Day of Reason, we affirm that it is within each of us to make this country as prosperous, as secure, and as good as we want it to be.

Event Ideas

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To help you celebrate the National Day of Reason this year, feel free to download and use our promotional materials. Promote your own National Day of Reason events by adding your event details to the white box on the promo poster, or print off the poster for display. Click on a poster for a full-size 8.5” x 11” printable .pdf file. (These are large files, so please be patient while they download.). We have also provided a facebook cover image and a button-sized National Day of Reason logo. 

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Want to spread the word about the National Day of Reason? You can also download and print our handbills explaining the background and mission of the National Day of Reason. The double handbill is designed to print on one sheet, which you can then cut in half for twice the distribution, but don’t forget to add information about your group on the back first!
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