2017 Humanism Award Banquet

Friday, September 29th 2017 at 6:30 pm
Crowne Plaza 5300 Rockside Rd, Independence, OH

Join us for the 2017 Humanism Awards Banquet, sponsored by Center for Inquiry Northeast Ohio! Every 2nd year, CFI--NE Ohio honors a local or regional individual who has done much work to further causes related to secular humanism. Past award recipients include Patricia Princehouse, Roni Berenson, and Mano Singham.

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This year's award winner is longtime secular activist and author Frank Zindler. In addition to Frank receiving his award, we will be joined by special guest speaker Ali A. Rizvi!

The 2017 Honoree:

Frank Zindler has been an atheist activist for more than 40 years. CFI--NE Ohio is proud to honor Frank with its Humanism Award for his tireless work on behalf of humanism and atheism. Frank is the managing editor of the American Atheist press and was once the interim president of the American Atheists. He has been involved in more than 400 radio and TV interviews and debates, including a well-known 1993 debate with Christian apologist William Lane Craig (featured on YouTube). He has authored, co-authored, or edited nine books relating to atheism. He most recently collaborated with Robert Price and others on Bart Ehrman and the Quest of the Historical Jesus of Nazareth (2013). He has been involved with CFI’s The Jesus Project and was the guest on a Point of Inquiry podcast on “The Christ Myth.” 

Frank's early career included a stint at the State University of New York’s Fulton-Montgomery Community College, where he as a professor of biology and geology as well as the Chair of the Division of Science, Nursing and Technology. He was removed from his position after he became a vocal atheist (!), but he landed on his feet in Columbus, OH at Chemical Abstract Services. There, he analyzes scientific information from many languages and synthesizes them into abstracts for English-speaking users. In a typical month, Frank employs 18-20 languages in his work. Frank was married to his late wife, Ann, who succumbed to cancer in January, 2013. He has one daughter and three grandchildren. 

Special Guest Speaker:

Ali Rizvi is the author of the award-winning book, The Atheist Muslim: A Journey from Religion to Reason (2016). The book has been described as “a beautifully written page turner” by Richard Dawkins. Steven Pinker has described it as “an intelligent, heartfelt, and honest examination of a pressing issue in the world today.” The New York Times Book Review wrote about his book: “Rizvi may well become the Dawkins or Hitchens for the millennial generation.” Ali is the winner of the 2016 Morris D. Forkosch Award for Best Book from the Center for Inquiry. 

Ali grew up in Libya, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan as part of a progressive Muslim family, before he moved permanently to Canada in his twenties. As a physician, he trained in pathology (with a fellowship in oncologic pathology) at SUNY Buffalo and the Roswell Park Cancer Institute, and also holds a master of science degree in biochemistry from McMaster University. In 2011, he switched his career to medical communications so he could focus more on his writing. 

Ali is an avid and vocal advocate for secularism, science, and reform, particularly in the Muslim community. He has been featured on CNN, in the New York TimesThe AtlanticThe Huffington PostCBCBBC, the New York Post, and a range of other major media outlets.

A delicious banquet dinner is included with the price of registration! The meal choices are: Aura Chicken, Chef's Signature Salmon, Cheese Ravioli (vegetarian), or Veggie Stack (vegan).

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