Akron Art Walk

Saturday, March 2nd 2013 at 5:00 pm
22 N High Street, Akron, OH

***This will be a joint event with The Secular Ladies Social Club****

Come join us for the Akron Artwalk! I know it'll be cold but we're hardy Midwesterners! We can take it!! Just bring gloves and scarves! smile Oh and your coats and ear muffs.

What is the Akron Artwalk? On the first Saturday of each month the Artwalk features nearly two dozen destinations for art, shopping, dining and entertainment with offerings that fit every budget. Hand-blown glass, pottery, ceramic, paintings, textiles, jewelry and eclectic house wares all dot the footprint of this spectacular monthly event. Each month is a unique experience and a wonderful opportunity to meet the artists that make Downtown a culturally and artistically vibrant community.

Oh, you mean I have to actually walk?? Just for you, lazybones (kidding) - the City of Akron's free trolley service runs the entire route, making shopping convenient and parking painless. But seriously, it really is fabulous - you could never walk this route - because many of the galleries are spread out throughout the city. But with the shuttles, you are there in a snap! And the shuttles are super clean and nice. Trolley service begins at 5 p.m. and runs through 10 p.m. with destinations opening their doors between 5 and 6 p.m

We'll meet at Mocha Maiden/Uncorked at 5:00pm. From inside Mocha Maiden, you can walk up the stairs into another gallery and visit Uncorked Wine Bar - so there is something for everyone at this first stop: coffee, tea, wine, beer, etc. If you don't see some familiar SLSC/CFI folks downstairs at Mocha Maiden - we are probably upstairs at Uncorked! wink

PARKING: Free parking is available at the High Street Deck across from the Akron Art Museum (next to the Akron Library), street parking is free on weekends as well. From the Parking Deck you would cross Market Street and head behind Crave / 3 Points Restaurants to find Mocha Maiden. When we are done exploring the galleries (and there are several on that block) near Mocha Maiden/Uncorked, we'll hop a shuttle and start our night! At the end of the night I would suggest that we reconnect for more drinks and appetizers at another restaurant (I think Crave is our best bet due to proximity to our original parking spots!) anyway - that is of course an option. And by that I mean, purely optional!

This is more of a free-form meetup. Again, this is an art walk! Relax, sip wine, browse, chill out. Don't worry if you go exploring or even decide to leave early or whatever. You don't have to stay with the group. Create your own group! Maybe you'll meet someone new! How fun. It's hard to keep track of people at an art walk anyway. If we all show up at Crave eventually cool. If not, you had fun - awesome! There's so much to see and do! Hope to see you there!

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