A Year of Inspiring Progress: What We Achieved Together in 2013

February 24, 2014

CFI Annual Report 2013

CFI Annual Report 2013 Without a doubt, this past year we saw how potent a force our community of humanists and skeptics can be when we combine our efforts and work together for a society that embraces science, questions dogma, and champions free expression.

As evidence of this, we at the Center for Inquiry are very proud to present to you our Annual Report for 2013, a year of inspiring progress and truly meaningful accomplishments for science, reason, and secular values.

“Progress Report: Advances in Advocacy, Community, and Inquiry”

This is the work that you make possible, and we hope this report will give you a strong sense of what we achieved together in 2013:

     •  You helped us fight religious influence on government in the battles over marriage equality and reproductive rights.

     •  You enabled us to advocate for the fundamental right to free speech and freedom of conscience, showing solidarity with those around the world who are being persecuted for their beliefs—and nonbelief.

     •  You supported educational programs that fostered critical thinking—an indispensable antidote to the pseudoscience and mysticism that are so prevalent.

     •  You helped inspire and train a new generation of freethinking leaders and activists.

And that’s not nearly  all. With your support, CFI brought our community together for inspiring events, engaged in effective grassroots political action, and even breathed exciting new life into our signature publications and podcast.

We can’t thank you enough. Now let’s keep this momentum going.

Religion continues its assault on individual rights, from the battles over health care in the U.S. to the criminalization of atheism, homosexuality, and dissent around the world. Well-meaning people are still being bilked by sham remedies, self-appointed gurus, and so-called psychics. Too many school boards and legislators are still fervently denying the reality of evolution, and misconceptions about climate change abound.

CFI’s work shines a light of reason on the world, and we need you to keep this light burning brightly into 2014 and beyond. Please donate today to strengthen our growing community, advocate for science and secularism, and build upon all the amazing work we’ve done so far.

You are the key to this progress and we thank you.

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