News Archives for February 2013

Watch Point of Inquiry’s Live Show with Guest Steven Pinker

February 20, 2013

This past Sunday, Indre Viskontas and Chris Mooney shared a stage with acclaimed Harvard psychologist and best-selling author Steven Pinker for a rare live edition of Point of Inquiry, the flagship podcast of the Center for Inquiry. This special episode was recorded before a live audience as part of the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) and is now available to watch in full online. Full Entry »

Strengthening Intercontinental Connections: Bill Cooke Visits CFI Affiliates in Africa

February 07, 2013

In January, the Center for Inquiry’s director of international programs, Bill Cooke, journeyed to Kenya, Uganda, and Egypt to meet with CFI’s affiliates in those countries and discuss their work. The trip was very informative, as it revealed the impact these organizations are having in their countries as well as the extent of their need for support to further the cause of critical thinking and humanism. Full Entry »