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Cause & Effect: The CFI Newsletter - No. 50

February 26, 2016

Religious exemptions at the Supreme Court after Scalia, Richard Dawkins recovers, and more. Full Entry »

Cause & Effect: The CFI Newsletter - No. 49

February 12, 2016

Getting to know the new CEO, making a tough call in Florida, and much more. Full Entry »

Center for Inquiry Will Not Appeal Adverse Decision in Florida Lawsuit

February 08, 2016

The Center for Inquiry (CFI) is an organization that uses the legal process to advance its mission, in particular that portion of its mission that seeks to preserve and promote the separation of church and state. Sometimes our legal work simply entails writing letters and/or engaging in informal negotiations with local government officials. Other times, we may resort to litigation. Bringing a court case as a nonprofit advocacy organization entails a significant responsibility, not only to any individual plaintiffs who are involved but also to the cause of church-state separation as a whole. A case should not be brought unless there is an important legal principle at stake, there is a reasonable chance of prevailing, and there is no significant likelihood that the case will create bad precedent. Full Entry »