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Cause & Effect: The CFI Newsletter - No. 58

June 24, 2016

A stellar new membership program, confronting the crisis in Bangladesh, and more.

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Announcing a Better, Simpler Membership Program

June 21, 2016

Being a part of CFI should be simple and straightforward, and the rewards of membership should befit the level of your support, so we can focus on carrying out our shared mission. That’s why we’re introducing the all-new Center for Inquiry membership program.

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CSICon 2016: Serving Up a Vegas Buffet of Skepticism

June 17, 2016

Register now for CSICon 2016 and sign up for the two lunches with Massimo and Dr. Joe!

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Cause & Effect: The CFI Newsletter - No. 57

June 10, 2016

Reason Rally wrap-up, atheism in academia, and much more.

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