Campaign for Free Expression Essay Contest

November 2, 2009

The Campaign for Free Expression is a CFI initiative to focus efforts and attention on one of the most crucial components of freethought: the right of individuals to express their viewpoints, opinions, and beliefs about all subjects—especially religion.  To encourage free expression and to emphasize the importance of this fundamental right, CFI and its sister organization, The Council for Secular Humanism , are sponsoring this contest.

Free Expression Essay Contest: Students enrolled in an accredited college or university are invited to submit an essay about "The Importance of Free Expression and Its Limits (If Any)."  Each entry must address the question of what limits national governments or recognized international bodies, such as the United Nations, may justifiably place on free expression.  First prize is $2,000 (USD).

"Preserving the right to uncensored expression is important not only because it is indispensable for an objective examination of truth claims—it is no accident that dictatorships uniformly suppress speech—but also because it has intrinsic value.  Human dignity requires the freedom to express oneself as an individual." — Ronald A. Lindsay, CFI President and CEO

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