CFI Founder Issues New Statement on Humanism

March 23, 2010

Center for Inquiry (CFI) founder Paul Kurtz has drafted a new statement on the significance and direction of humanism, which he has entitled the “Neo-Humanist Statement of Secular Principles and Values.” The statement can be accessed via this link: .

Paul Kurtz is a distinguished scholar and writer, and one of the great leaders of the humanist movement. CFI is pleased that Dr. Kurtz has taken the time to offer his thoughts on humanism. Dr. Kurtz’s statement is not an official statement of CFI or the Council for Secular Humanism, but CFI invites interested individuals to review the statement.

CFI’s president & CEO has posted a blog entry offering comments on the statement.  This blog entry expresses the personal opinion of the president & CEO and is not an official statement of CFI or the Council, but, again, interested individuals are invited to review this blog posting.

CFI and the Council are committed to free expression and open and vigorous discussion of all matters of relevance to humanism and skepticism. Dr. Kurtz’s observations on humanism and his contributions to this discussion are always welcome.