CFI India Launches New Movement to Eliminate Caste System

October 27, 2009

With the cooperation of several non-government organizations, the Center for Inquiry-India is launching a new movement to incorporate practical solutions for eliminating the problematic and discriminatory caste system widely present throughout India. The groups will present a joint action-plan conference for the media on Oct. 31, 2009 at the Hyderabad Press Club.

The following positions and proposed solutions will be promoted at the conference:

  • Caste is not a hereditary situation. Parents should claim the right to refuse giving their caste to their children upon birth.
  • Intercaste marriages should be allowed and encouraged. People should be free to marry who they choose, regardless of the caste placed upon them by society. Children of intercaste marriages should not be branded with the caste of the parents.
  • Political parties, leaders, celebrities in movies, sports stars and other role models should use their positions to further human rights for all by removing caste mark in their names. This simple act can help pave the way for society and future generations to follow.
  • Schools and educational institutions should not demand the labeling of children into castes as a requirement of admission.
  • Commercial institutions, shops, labs, and other public venues should encourage the furthering of human rights by avoiding caste marks and removing such sign boards.
  • Legislation should be enacted to eradicate the caste system through the force of laws and other legal avenues that promote equality.

The cooperating NGO associations include the Rationalist Association of India, the Indian Radical Humanist Association, the Caste Eradication Society, the service organization Janavignana vedika, and Manava Vikasa Vedika (The Human Development Forum).