CFI Institute Welcomes David Koepsell as Newest Course Instructor

August 27, 2012

The Center for Inquiry (CFI) is pleased to announce that beginning this fall David Koepsell will join John Shook as an instructor for the CFI Institute‘s online courses. David Koepsell, who has both a law degree and a PhD in philosophy, previously served as the executive director of the Council for Secular Humanism, an affiliate organization of CFI. 

David Koepsell“We are absolutely thrilled that David has agreed to become a co-instructor for our courses,” said Ronald A. Lindsay, CFI’s President and CEO. “David is an accomplished philosopher with an impressive depth of knowledge in a variety of disciplines. In particular, his familiarity with humanism ensures that he will be offering courses that are relevant and enlightening to the friends and supporters of CFI.” 

The CFI Institute was founded in 1991 for the purpose of creating learning opportunities for women and men of all ages in the form of short courses, lecture series, conferences, and seminar programs. It is led by Education Director John Shook, PhD, and with the addition of David Koepsell as a co-instructor, the Institute plans to offer at least eight online courses in 2013.  

David Koepsell was executive director of the Council for Secular Humanism from 2003-2008. Since then, he has been an assistant professor of philosophy at the Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands, where he teaches ethics and engineering as well as research ethics to masters and PhD students. He holds a law degree (1995) and PhD in Philosophy (1997) from the University at Buffalo, and has authored and edited numerous books, as well as popular and scholarly articles, and has spoken to audiences worldwide on issues relating to civil rights, secularism, science and technology, ethics, humanism, and ontology. He has provided commentary on these topics in a variety of media outlets including: MSNBC, Fox News Channel, The Guardian, NPR, and the Associated Press, among others. His complete CV can be found at

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The Center for Inquiry, a nonprofit educational, advocacy, and research organization based in Amherst, New York, is also home to the Council for Secular Humanism and the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry. The mission of the Center for Inquiry is to foster a secular society based on science, reason, freedom of inquiry, and humanist values.