CFI Statement on the Tornado Disaster in Oklahoma and the Midwest

May 21, 2013

Everyone at the Center for Inquiry is heartbroken over the lives lost as a result of the tornadoes in Oklahoma and across the Midwest. Damage and devastation throughout the region is unprecedented, with yet-untold numbers of people injured, homes, schools, hospitals, and businesses destroyed, and tens of thousands without power. There is still a risk of further tornado activity even today.

We are reminded of the power of nature, and how diligent we must be in better understanding how our species contributes to the conditions that can lead to such natural disasters as tornadoes, hurricanes, and other destructive phenomenon.

But we are also reminded of human beings’ capacity for compassion and self-sacrifice in times of incredible strife and loss. We are heartened by the heroism and generosity of friends, families, communities, and total strangers who have wasted no time in committing themselves to rescue and recovery.

Let’s help them out, too. Please give what you can to support relief efforts such as the Red Cross.