CFI will be in Greece, NY for a Historic Atheist Invocation

July 10, 2014

On July 15, an atheist will deliver the opening invocation before the Town Board of Greece, NY, ground zero of the Supreme Court case that opened the door to sectarian prayer at government assemblies…

…and CFI will be there to represent you and our strong secular community!

Last May, the Court cleared the way for Christian prayers to be part of the official business of city councils and legislatures. As CFI’s president and CEO   Ron Lindsay said at the time:

“The Court’s decision conveys the unmistakable message that those who do not share the majority’s beliefs are second-class citizens.”

Dan and RonThat’s why we’re going to support Dan Courtney, a member of the Atheist Community of Rochester, who will deliver a nonreligious invocation before a meeting of the Town Board.

We’re going to help make a stand for a secular government, a government that includes everyone, regardless of their faith or lack thereof.

Immediately after the invocation, Ron Lindsay will speak at a press conference outside the town hall, along with Dan and representatives from other freethought groups.

The media is already intrigued, with recent preview coverage from the Associated Press, Religion News Service, the Washington Times, and   area TV news.

This is a great opportunity to speak up for science, reason, and secular values!

New Yorkers: Join us in Greece on Tuesday, July 15

Greece Hall

CFI welcomes you to join Ron Lindsay and other members of our staff for this historic secular invocation. We will be providing signs based on the number of people we expect, so please let us know if you will be attending and how many people you will have by filling out this form. (You can also email

You can also sign up to attend the event on Facebook.

6:00 PM–6:15PM : Secular Invocation – Dan Courtney will give a short 2-3 minute invocation before the Greece Town Hall Meeting inside the Greece Town Offices (1 Vince Tofany Blvd, Rochester, NY 14612).

6:15PM–6:45PM : Press Conference – Following the invocation, Dan Courtney and representatives from national organizations will give 3-5 minutes talks to local media. (This will take place outside the town hall – a tent will be provided in case of rain.) Ron Lindsay, CEO of the Center for Inquiry, will be one of the representatives speaking.

7:00–10:00PM : Social Gathering – Following the press conference, attendees from Atheist Community of Rochester are hosting a gathering at The Distillery Restaurant (300 Paddy Creek Circle, Rochester, NY 14615). The restaurant is a 5 minute drive from the town hall.

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