Introducing REASON TALKS: Freethought Presentations Online and On-Demand

November 20, 2015

Captivating talks on science, humanism, skepticism, and other smart stuff

The Center for Inquiry is proud to introduce Reason Talks, your source for high-quality video of the best presentations from the brightest minds and most compelling speakers in all of freethought.


You already know that along with passionate advocacy of science, skepticism, and humanist values, CFI stages enlightening and impactful public events, featuring award-winning speakers from across the disciplines. From major international conferences to weekend lectures with local experts, CFI strives to provide one “eureka” moment after another to spark debate, inspire action, and entertain. 

Now with Reason Talks, anyone can enjoy the best presentations and discussions from CFI events, presented in “seasons” of episodes, with a new talk posted every week at Watch them individually in your spare time, or take a day and “binge-watch” a whole season’s worth for your own personal conference. It’s up to you!  

We’re kicking off Reason Talks with not one but three excellent presentations: Rebecca Goldstein, author of Plato at the Googleplex, who just received the 2014 National Humanities Medal from President Obama; New Yorker science journalist Michael Specter, on the baseless fear of GMOs; and international human rights activist Taslima Nasrin on why secularism is necessary for women’s freedom. 

In upcoming episodes, we’ll have talks from luminaries such as Eugenie Scott, Lindy West, Steven Salzberg, Susan Jacoby, and CFI president and CEO, Ronald A. Lindsay. And that’s just season one! Reason Talks will feature speakers that challenge conventional wisdom, bringing science and evidence-based thinking to bear on some of the most controversial, perplexing, and critical issues of our time. These experts hail from a wide variety of fields such as science, journalism, politics, religion, philosophy, and grassroots activism. 

Going beyond cheerleading for atheism and skepticism, Reason Talks delve deeply into such crucial issues as religious freedom, social justice, science education, public policy and activism, investigations of the paranormal, the dangers of magical thinking and alternative medicine, and the global struggle for free expression and inquiry. And so much more.

Of course, it’s all free, on-demand, online.

Check out Reason Talks now at

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