New Videos Online! Watch Bill Nye Change the World at the CFI Summit

September 10, 2015

Plus Conference Talks by Ron Lindsay, Greta Christina, and Zack Kopplin

The free exchange of ideas is a cornerstone of the Center for Inquiry and its mission, as we strive to educate and foster robust discussion and debate about the big issues of our time. At CFI’s live events, such as conferences, debates, workshops, interviews, symposia, and lectures, we look to gather the brightest minds in a wide variety of fields, with salient and thought-provoking ideas to share. From the groundbreaking Women in Secularism conference series to this year’s sold-out Reason for Change conference, CFI is committed to bringing enlightening and provocative speakers and events to our communities. 

Bill Nye

In October 2013, we held the CFI Summit, an international congress of humanists and skeptics in Tacoma, Washington, where attendees enjoyed some truly fascinating and enriching presentations from some of the top thinkers, scholars, and activists in all of freethought, and now, for the first time, we have made available online four of those presentations, free.

Headlining the event was the one and only Bill Nye, who delighted and inspired with his keynote address, making an impassioned (and hilarious) plea for those who believe in science and human progress to take responsibility for the future, and work to, in his oft-repeated words, “change the world!”

summit speakers

CFI’s president and CEO Ronald A. Lindsay blows some of the dust off the Ten Commandments, clearing up many of the myths surrounding these supposed instructions from God, and correcting much of the history.

Blogger and author Greta Christina urges nonbelievers not to leave well enough alone with their religious friends and family, but instead contends that making firm arguments against religious belief is a valuable exercise that makes a real impact. 

And few young activists have had the impact that Zack Kopplin has had, as he has battled the incursion of creationism and anti-science proselytizing in Louisiana’s public schools. Kopplin tells the story of his fight for the integrity of science education, and what battles still await. 

This is just the beginning, as we work to bring more video content from CFI events to the web. For now, fire up the playlist for all of the event videos, and enjoy these highlights of the CFI Summit!

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