Outside faith, a rising tide of ‘nones’

September 3, 2009

The Buffalo News  ran a front page story ( Outside faith, a rising tide of 'nones' ) on September 3 about the rise of the non-religious in American society. The reporter, Jay Tokasz, visited the Center here in Amherst, New York during our CFI summer institute, (A Secular Summit) aimed at exploring nonbelievers and their cultural impact. On hand for this event were well-known demographers Barry Kosmin, Phil Zuckerman, and Luke Galen. All three have spent a considerable amount of research time analyzing and reporting on the internal characteristics of atheists, agnostics, and humanists. While visiting the Center, Tokasz took the opportunity to interview all three of these experts. As one can tell from reading the article, only Kosmin survived the final editorial cuts. Nonetheless, his contribution is an important part of the story. The story also features comments from CFI’s Vice President of Education and Research, John Shook, and an important reference in the final paragraphs to CFI’s presence around the country by way of its growing network of Centers for Inquiry.   

The Buffalo News article can read in its entirety here.