CFI’s “Point of Inquiry” Podcast Returns in June with New Hosts and Big Questions

May 9, 2017

The flagship podcast of the Center for Inquiry is beginning a brand new chapter!

Since 2005, Point of Inquiry has been engaging and enlightening listeners everywhere with fascinating interviews and conversations, over the years led by various different hosts.


Throughout its incarnations, POI has become a beloved institution of not only the freethought community but the wider podcast listening audience. In 2012 Business Insider declared it one of the Ten Best Podcasts, and in 2014 called it one of the nine podcasts “to make you smarter,” alongside This American Life, Radiolab, and StarTalk

The most recent team of hosts, Lindsay Beyerstein and Josh Zepps, have now moved on to new endeavors: Lindsay’s new podcast is ReWire’s The Breach, and Josh carries on with We the People Live. And now it’s time for Point of Inquiry’s next generation.

Starting in June, Point of Inquiry will be co-hosted by Nora Hurley and Paul Fidalgo, bringing a whole new approach to this celebrated program. The new format will place its emphasis on questions—the kinds of questions that require thoughtful conversations with smart, insightful guests.

POI TNG HEADS 1.pngRather than a single interview with one guest, each episode will seek input from a number experts, helping the hosts and the listeners find new ways of thinking about some of our deepest questions and most intractable problems. The point is, after all, inquiry.

Nora Hurley has been producing POI since 2014, and she’ll continue to serve as executive producer as well as co-host (she’s already guest-hosted a number of special episodes). Paul Fidalgo has been the Center for Inquiry’s communications director since 2012, serving as spokesperson for CFI and writing the daily Morning Heresy news roundup.

Give a listen to Nora and Paul’s promo, where they’ll introduce themselves and the direction for the next season of the show.

You can subscribe to Point of Inquiry in your podcast app of choice, and if you’re already a subscriber, well, don’t go anywhere! The new Point of Inquiry starts June 12.

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