Watch Point of Inquiry’s Live Show with Guest Steven Pinker

February 20, 2013

This past Sunday, Indre Viskontas and Chris Mooney shared a stage with acclaimed Harvard psychologist and best-selling author Steven Pinker for a rare live edition of Point of Inquiry, the flagship podcast of the Center for Inquiry. This special episode was recorded before a live audience as part of the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) and is now available to watch in full online. 

Steven Pinker is the author of eight books, including How the Mind Works, The Blank Slate, The Language Instinct, and most recently The Better Angels of our Nature: Why Violence has Declined. His interview with Indre and Chris focuses on the premise of his latest book: that we now live in the least violent and most peaceful period of human history, particularly relevant in light of the tragic recent events in Newtown, Connecticut.

pinker POI borderOur hosts also interview Tom Di Liberto, a meteorologist at NOAA and winner of the 2013 America’s Science Idol contest, an event cosponsored by Point of Inquiry as part of CFI’s outreach to make science more relevant to the public, along with cosponsors the National Science Foundation, Discover Magazine, and Popular Science

Point of Inquiry is where the brightest minds of our time sound off on issues surrounding science, religion, culture, and politics. Chris Mooney, author of The Republican Brain and The Republican War on Science, and neuroscientist (and opera singer) Indre Viskontas engage in pointed and critical conversations with leading scientists, philosophers, social critics, and entertainers.

Watch the complete video of our live show here or download the audio version (MP3). You can subscribe to receive all Point of Inquiry episodes, free, through iTunes or through any other podcast or RSS client.

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