What Happened to ‘The Human Bible’?

August 30, 2013

Since February of 2012, Dr. Robert M. Price has been enlightening and entertaining listeners with his expert take on what is perhaps the most consequential of books, the Bible, with his podcast The Human Bible. Dr. Price has demystified and deconstructed this foundational book from a rational and non-ideological perspective, and he’s done it all with his singular brand of humor and wit.

Human Bible BannerSo first the bad news: Due to several factors that include listenership and limited funding, The Human Bible will soon come to an end, at least as a CFI podcast. CFI was delighted to be home to such a unique program, one that embodied so much of what CFI as an organization strives for: qualities like the joy of intellectual discovery, the application of religious skepticism, and accessibility for an audience not made up of religious scholars. We will be sorry to see it end.

But (appropriate to a show about the Bible) we also have some good news! Still in the pipeline are 10 brand-new, hot-off-the-hard-drive Human Bible episodes, with episode 27 available for listening or download right now. We’ll be releasing the remaining episodes about once a week until we reach the final edition, episode 36. So there are still several hours of scriptural scrutiny to enjoy.

Everyone here at the Center for Inquiry offers our deep gratitude to Dr. Price for his work. The Human Bible is a standout program that will remain fascinating and relevant to listeners for years to come.


Thank you, Dr. Price, and sincere thanks to all of the show’s fans, current and future! Start listening to the first of the final 10 episodes here, or click here to subscribe in iTunes, and stay tuned for more news on CFI’s podcast programming.