Press Release Archives for August, 2012

Religious Groups’ Ability to Deliver Emergency Aid Not at Risk in Florida, Say Secular Humanists

August 29, 2012

Council for Secular Humanism Refutes Misleading Assertions Made by Amendment 8 Proponents

Religious organizations providing emergency response services are in no danger of being prevented from receiving state assistance, despite the misleading assertions recently made by proponents of Florida’s Amendment 8, the Council for Secular Humanism (CSH) said today. …Full Release »

The Empirical Meets the Ineffable: Skeptical Inquirer Explores Art and Skepticism

August 20, 2012

Challenging the common misconception that those who produce works of intellect cannot appreciate works of emotion, the latest edition of Skeptical Inquirer – the premier journal of investigation of paranormal and pseudoscientific claims – examines the deep connections between art and skepticism. The ways in which these two fields of human …Full Release »