Press Release Archives for March, 2015

“We Will Not Be Terrorized into Silence”: Statement on the Murder of Atheist Blogger Washiqur Rahman

March 30, 2015

Barely a month following the brutal murder of our friend, freethought writer Avijit Roy in Bangladesh, and the near-killing of his wife Rafida Bonya Ahmed, atheist blogger Washiqur Rahman has been killed by a group of Islamic extremists in Dhaka. A young man at age 27, Rahman was …Full Release »

CFI Criticizes Saudi Arabia’s Hypocrisy on Religious Freedom at UN Human Rights Council

March 17, 2015

At the UN Human Rights Council today, the Center for Inquiry slammed the hypocrisy of Saudi Arabia’s plans to host a key international human rights conference, calling on the country to free its prisoners of conscience and protect the rights to freedom of religion, belief, and expression. 

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Bonya Ahmed, Wife of Murdered Blogger Avijit Roy: “Join Us in a Demand for Justice”

March 10, 2015

Rafida Bonya Ahmed was viciously attacked in Dhaka, Bangladesh by Islamic extremists wielding machetes as she and her husband, renowned freethought writer Avijit Roy, were leaving a book fair at Dhaka University. Dr. Roy did not survive the attack, but thankfully Ms. Ahmed is now recovering.

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CFI Urges Supreme Court: Don’t Allow Religion to Decide Same-Sex Marriage Rights

March 05, 2015

The Center for Inquiry filed a brief Thursday with the Supreme Court in the case of Obergefell v. Hodges, arguing that denying the right of same-sex couples to marry is being defended only by an unconstitutional reliance on religious codes of morality. CFI is an international organization that advocates …Full Release »

Murdered Blogger Avijit Roy Named Suspect in His Final ‘Free Inquiry’ Article

March 02, 2015

Dr. Avijit Roy, the Bangladeshi-American freethought writer murdered last week in Dhaka, wrote in detail about a man who has been arrested as a suspect in his killing, Islamic extremist Farabi Shafiur Rahman. In his final article for the upcoming issue of the secular humanist magazine Free Inquiry, Roy …Full Release »