Press Release Archives for September, 2015

International Blasphemy Rights Day 2015: CFI Fights to Protect Dissent Around the World

September 30, 2015

Today, September 30, is International Blasphemy Rights Day, created by the Center for Inquiry to celebrate and defend the fundamental human right to free expression around the world — especially when that expression is critical of religion. To mark IRBD this year, CFI is launching a new website …Full Release »

AP Says Climate Change Deniers Not ‘Skeptics,’ Science Advocates Cautiously Applaud

September 22, 2015

Committee for Skeptical Inquiry Says Label "Doubter" is Problematic

A small but important victory for science was scored in the public debate over climate change Tuesday, as the Associated Press announced that it would no longer refer to those who deny the reality of climate change as …Full Release »

Center for Inquiry’s De Dora Tapped for Raif Badawi Foundation Board of Directors

September 11, 2015

Global human rights activist Ensaf Haidar announced on Friday the formation of the Raif Badawi Foundation, named for her husband, who is now carrying out a decade-long prison term, sentenced to 1000 lashes for his religious and political dissent. Michael De Dora, the Center for Inquiry’s director of public …Full Release »

FREE INQUIRY Defends Free Expression; Publishes “Draw Muhammad” Cartoon in Special Blasphemy Issue

September 09, 2015

As atheist bloggers are being murdered with impunity by Islamists in Bangladesh, and nine years after the eruption of violence over “blasphemous” drawings of the Prophet Muhammad in a Danish paper, Free Inquiry — the first national U.S. publication to reproduce the “Danish cartoons” — presents a provocative special …Full Release »