Press Release Archives for November, 2015

MEDIA ALERT: U.S. Survivor of Bangladesh Islamist Attacks to Discuss Ongoing Threats

November 25, 2015

Congressional briefing Dec. 1 - "Human Rights in Bangladesh" 

Bangladeshi-American humanist Bonya Ahmed, badly injured in an attack by Islamists in Dhaka that claimed the life of her husband Avijit Roy, will come to Washington, D.C. to discuss threats to freedom of thought and to the lives of secularists …Full Release »

CFI and Dawkins Foundation Urge FTC to Stop Homeopathy’s False Advertising

November 23, 2015

The Center for Inquiry and the Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason & Science are urging the Federal Trade Commission to put an end to false advertising by the manufacturers of homeopathic products. They point to the overwhelming scientific consensus that these pseudoscientific alternative remedies have no effect (other than …Full Release »

Center for Inquiry Condemns Politicians’ Anti-Muslim Fearmongering over Syrian Refugees

November 18, 2015

"These refugees are us. We are them."

The Center for Inquiry, a secular humanist organization that promotes science, reason, and free expression, unequivocally condemns the bigotry and discrimination against Muslims currently being espoused by U.S. political figures, media personalities, and presidential candidates. 

After the tragedy …Full Release »