Press Release Archives for August, 2016

Olympic Athletes Endorsing Pseudoscience; Skeptics Warn of Influence on Public

August 09, 2016

As billions of people watch in awe the astounding feats of the athletes competing in Rio, the Center for Inquiry expressed concerns that this massive audience may be unknowingly influenced by what amounts to Olympic-sized endorsements of baseless and often dangerous pseudoscientific health practices such as cupping, acupuncture, and …Full Release »

CFI Speaks for Nonreligious Americans in DOJ Meetings on Religious Discrimination

August 08, 2016

The Center for Inquiry proudly took part in the series of roundtables on combatting religious discrimination held by the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division. The Civil Rights Division recently released a report that included a summary of the meetings and a commitment to taking new steps to confront this …Full Release »

Pence in 2002: Intelligent Design Should Be Taught as Science in Public Schools

August 05, 2016

Center for Inquiry says Americans deserve an explanation

The Center for Inquiry today stated that GOP Vice Presidential nominee Gov. Mike Pence of Indiana must make clear whether he still denies evolution and climate change. The website Right Wing Watch recently unearthed video footage of a speech …Full Release »