Press Release Archives for November, 2016

Center for Inquiry Condemns Trump’s Call to Criminalize Flag Burning

November 30, 2016

The Center for Inquiry has decried President-elect Donald Trump’s call for the criminalization of flag burning, characterizing the suggestion as antithetical to American values and constitutional rights.

In a tweet posted on the morning of November 29, the president-elect wrote, “Nobody should be allowed to burn the …Full Release »

Center for Inquiry Lauds FTC for Curbing Homeopathy’s False Advertising

November 16, 2016

The Center for Inquiry praised the Federal Trade Commission’s new enforcement policy statement on the marketing of homeopathic drugs, promising to hold the health-related claims made by the manufacturers of these pseudoscientific “alternative” remedies to the same standards as any other remedies. CFI has been leading the effort to …Full Release »

Iowa Governor’s Outreach to Secular Voters: Preach to Them in Church

November 03, 2016

Iowa governor Terry Branstad said in a video posted to YouTube today that nonreligious Americans should be preached to and pressured by parents to attend church in order to be involved in politics.

In the video, Justin Scott of Eastern Iowa Atheists asks the governor how to bring …Full Release »