Press Release Archives for February, 2018

White House Voucher Plan Sacrifices Public Education for Religious Indoctrination, Warns CFI

February 12, 2018

The Center for Inquiry today condemned the Trump Administration’s proposal to divert up to $1 billion in taxpayer funds to private religious schools.

The President’s Budget Request for Fiscal Year 2019 proposes $1 billion for private school vouchers, four times the amount he requested for a similar …Full Release »

CFI Calls Out Underhanded Voucher Scheme in Bipartisan Budget Bill

February 09, 2018

The Center for Inquiry today rebuked Congress for eroding the separation of church and state in the Bipartisan Budget Agreement by cynically diverting funds for children displaced by natural disasters to a voucher scheme that will primarily benefit private religious schools.

The Bipartisan Budget Agreement makes available …Full Release »

Senators Exploiting Disaster to Turn FEMA into a Church Collection Plate, says Center for Inquiry

February 08, 2018

The Center For Inquiry (CFI) today expressed its exasperation that the Senate is using the Bipartisan Budget Agreement to further breach the wall of separation between church and state by permitting taxpayer money to be awarded to churches to rebuild and improve facilities damaged in natural disasters.

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Jeff Sessions Providing Watchdogs for the Religious Right within the DOJ, warns Center for Inquiry

February 08, 2018

The Center for Inquiry (CFI) denounced Attorney General Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III’s new Justice Department policy requiring all US Attorney offices across the country to assign a staffer to monitor all litigation involving religious freedom, a policy CFI says privileges the religious right and advances its agenda to make religious belief a license to discriminate.

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