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CSIcon 2011 Dedicated to Scientific Inquiry and Critical Thinking

June 09, 2011

New Orleans is home to Old World charm and enticing legends that skeptics crave. An extraordinary conference, CSICon 2011 New Orleans is sure to serve as the perfect backdrop on the boundary of the bayou.

CSICon, the conference dedicated to scientific inquiry and critical thinking, is co-sponsored by SKEPTICAL INQUIRER and the Center for Inquiry (CFI). From October 27-30, 2011, at the New Orleans Marriott in the heart of the famed French Quarter, skeptics, scientists, journalists and orators from around the world will gather for four days of separating science from fiction.

Sifting history from legend and recognizing brilliance over the pseudoscience is what skeptics do best. CSICon is slated with four full days of plenary sessions, breakout panels and special events. Speakers include keynote Bill Nye “the Science Guy”; Indre Viskontas, PhD, co-host of “Miracle Detectives” on the Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN); Sandra Blakeslee, science correspondent for The New York Times; and David Morrison, NASA senior scientist, to name a few. For a complete list of speakers, please click here.

Sessions will include debunking of psychic practices in “Magic or Miracle? Putting Psychic Powers to the Test”; discussions surrounding our top conspiracy theory in “The 9/11 Truth Movement, a Decade Later”; and debate of questions such as: Do people deny science even on resolvable issues in politics? Does the health care reform create death panels? Did Iraq have weapons of mass destruction? Will Earth meet an asteroid again? Does acupuncture work?

Stop by for special events, including a “Smarti Gras” parade and costume party that will consist of a police-escorted and second line jazz band led by a Grand Marshal; the party will continue at the world-famous jazz club Tipitina’s. End the conference on a skeptical note with a Houdini séance.

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