News Desk Archives for April, 2015

​A sign of life beyond death?

4/26/15 - CBS Sunday Morning

Editorial: Beware of medical pitchmen

4/24/15 - Charleston Gazette

Is ‘America’s Doctor’ A Quack?

4/23/15 - HuffPost Live

Eric Kukielka: Keep the Diag clean

4/07/15 - The Michigan Daily

Changing moral standards are confusing

4/17/15 - The Herald-Dispatch

Should Homeopathic Remedies Be Regulated?

4/20/15 - To the Point with Warren Olney, KCRW NPR

Homeopathic Products Under FDA Scrutiny

4/21/15 - Discovery News

Skeptics slam homeopathic drugs at FDA hearing

4/21/15 - Washington Examiner