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Secular Group Joins Coalition to Repeal DOMA

February 21, 2013

The Respect for Marriage Coalition, an initiative made up of a wide variety of groups pushing for the repeal of the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), welcomed the Center for Inquiry (CFI), the first explicitly secularist group to join. CFI takes its place with other influential groups in the coalition such as the Human Rights Campaign, ACLU, AFL-CIO, Center for American Progress, SEIU, and many others.

“We are proud to be a part of this powerful roster of organizations fighting for marriage equality,” said Ronald A. Lindsay, president and CEO of CFI. “CFI’s mission has always been to foster a society based on reason and science, and opposition to marriage equality is based on neither but stems from a stubborn adherence to outmoded religious dogma. We also believe in the values of secular humanism, a worldview that asserts the intrinsic equality of every human being, regardless of their sexual orientation.”

The Center for Inquiry has long been a strong advocate of marriage equality and of LGBT rights generally, particularly as an international advocate for government’s disentanglement from religion, which is used as a common justification for limiting or revoking LGBT rights. CFI recently joined 22 other faith-based and humanist groups in urging the Obama administration to ban anti-LGBT discrimination by federal contractors, and has produced a position paper in support of same-sex marriage rights.

“With a new office and expanded staff now in place in Washington, D.C., the Office of Public Policy is renewing its dedication to achieving marriage equality across the United States,” said Michael De Dora, director of CFI’s Office of Public Policy. “Joining the Respect for Marriage Coalition will be integral to accomplishing this goal. We look forward to working with all of the member organizations.”

The Respect for Marriage Coalition describes itself on its website as “a partnership of more than 80 civil rights, faith, health, labor, business, legal, LGBT, student, and women’s organizations working together to end the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) and grow support for the freedom to marry.”


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The Center for Inquiry (CFI) is a nonprofit educational, advocacy, and research organization headquartered in Amherst, New York, with executive offices in Washington, D.C. It is also home to both the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry and the Council for Secular Humanism. The mission of CFI is to foster a secular society based on science, reason, freedom of inquiry, and humanist values. CFI‘s web address is